Medicines are either consumed or applied on for their unique clinical properties. But apart from having clinical properties it is essential that they must also address the needs of other sensory inputs such as taste, colour and smell, to complete the process of ingestion/application. Count on us to produce a perfect combination of taste and aroma for any medicinal preparation.

For Syrups /Wet Products-

  • Masking Flavours
  • Flavours to suit Vitamin / Antibiotics / Cough / Health Formulations
  • Range includes Citrus / Chocolate / Devon Butter / Fruits / Blended / Exotic fruits
  • Range of Biscuit to Non Veg Flavours for Veterinary Applications
  • Concentrated Peppermint flavours

For Dry Applications-

  • Encapsulated Flavours for longer shelf Life
  • Range of fruits / Milk / Chocolate / Coffee profiles
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