Delivery systems

  • Flavours are supplied in different forms to ensure the end customer gets the required variety
  • All the flavours are being converted to below forms


  • Water Soluble
  • Oil Soluble
  • Emulsion

Fine Powder

  • Dry Mix
  • Spray dried
  • Fast dissolving
  • Sustained release
  • Heat stable

Exotic flavours

The key to growth in the industry is to create new flavours. This section in R&D works in creating exotic flavours and also in creating products which are closer to the mimic of nature. It also sets the trend for the market and its applications in other than traditional usages always creates buzz in the market. These flavour profiles gives an out of the box experience to our customers. These high performance flavours are cost effective and targeted at applications like chewing gums, candy & lollies.

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