WORKING AT Lux Flavours

There are many good reasons to work at Lux Flavours: exciting tasks and global perspectives, great colleagues and an exceptional corporate culture. The satisfaction of employee, their well-being and work environment is the one aspect that sets apart the company.


Individual Training

When we look at developing employee technical, practical knowledge, we consider the whole individual characteristics and decisions are always taken in a long term view:


Achievement of target is the measure for compensation. We set targets and conduct performance reviews annually. This way every employee is incentivized to perform. We also make sure there is no disruptive competition by defining the area of work, job description. Thus leading to healthy competition and eventually benefitting everyone.


Internship, master’s or bachelor’s thesis, dissertation
Are you looking learning about the flavours of everyday life? Welcome to Lux Flavours. We offer internships. If you are interested, please send your document along with the following information:

  • Cover letter
  • References
  • Subject, time and duration of the internship to the company‚Äôs mail
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