Love for sweets is universal – yet taste differs from country to country and region to region. Lux Flavours satisfies the world’s sweet tooth with its confectionary applications to suit the palate across the globe. We create flavours for confectionary products like hard boiled candies, chewing gums and pastilles, fondant creams, jellies, toffees and caramels. With the help of our flavourists we create confectionary flavours that will win the hearts of your customers and make them readymade library of flavours- or we can develop an entirely new flavour profile to meet your exact requirement. Apart from this our expertise in the areas such as maskers, blockers, enhancers and sensate offers you solutions for optimizing the taste of your product when flavour just isn’t enough.

  • Wide range of Fruit Flavours- from Ripe to Fresh, Juicy, Raw notes.
  • Milk variants for toffees / soft chews
  • Multiple varieties range of Citrus Flavours with Boosters Flavours to enhance profiles.
  • Combination of Flavours for Unique profile./li>
  • Variants in Coconut from Toasted to Desiccated.
  • Nut Flavours
  • Chocolate Variants from brown to bourbon.
  • Exotic range for Gum products.
  • Indian ethnic sweet flavours for confection
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